Child Eye Exam

Your Childs First Eye Exam

Good vision is key to your child’s ability to maximize his or her education. That’s why early eye exams are an important part of every child’s health care needs. Taking your child in for a first eye exam needn’t be a scary prospect. Our vision professionals have extensive experience in working with children of all ages. Pediatric patients do not even have to know how to read to have their vision tested. Here are a few points you can expect from your child’s first eye exam:

Vision Testing
Instead of complicated eye charts, the eye technician will use symbols or a single letter to determine if there are any vision problems. Simple shapes, like squares, or symbols, such as apples, houses or other items that are easily recognized by children, may be used for this purpose. The child’s depth perception and peripheral vision will also be checked.

Pupil Test
After dilating the eye, your doctor will also shine a light into the child’s eyes to determine how the pupils react to light changes.

Eye Movement Test
We also use cards to determine how well the eye muscles work together and if one eye is favored over the other. Problems with eye movement, such as lazy eye or crossed eyes may require correction to ensure good vision.

Although the equipment used in vision testing may be unfamiliar to your child, our eye professional can ensure that the experience is a pleasant one. Eye exams are painless, but your child may feel a slight stinging when the eye drops are inserted. You can rely on our eye care professionals to provide a good experience for this important part of your child’s health care. Find pediatric eye care near you with Florida Eye!

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