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At Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute, we understand the importance of your vision and your hearing, and are proud to offer care and treatment options under one roof (at our Brandon and Sun City Center clinic).  Our Hearing Center offers a multitude of hearing services and treatments, with the goal of improving our patients quality of life and helping them LOVE their HEARING!

Much like changes to your vision, being able to hear a full range of sound can decline slowly with age. Hearing loss is degenerative and is best when caught early, which is why we recommend a hearing screening by age 55.  Actually, 16% of adults, age 18 and older, report hearing loss, and increases to 33% by age 60.

Additionally, untreated hearing loss can contribute to depression, anxiety, isolation, becoming a fall risk, and 30-40% increased risk of cognitive (including Alzheimer’s and Dementia) decline as well. Hearing and communicating are key ingredients to strong and happy relationships. In fact, people who treat their hearing loss acknowledge a positive effect on their relationships with family and friends.

Hearing loss can be a delicate topic, but when paired with your eye exam, it can be considered an in depth comprehensive check-up. Whether it’s your first hearing screening or a second opinion, let our expertise be there for you.

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How Common Is Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is more common than most people realize. Much like your vision, hearing can decline with age. In Fact, 1 in 3 people, aged 65 and up suffer from some form of hearing loss. Symptoms can include:

  • Ringing in your ears
  • Asking others to repeat themselves
  • Memory loss
  • Distinguishing background noise
  • Frequently adjusting the TV volume
  • Thinking others are mumbling in normal conversations

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Some health insurance plans cover select hearing aid options, but have a maximum allowed coverage. Medicare does not cover hearing aids or hearing services. We offer an affordable range of hearing aids and are competitively priced in our community. Our hearing center also provides patient financing for hearing aids, including no-interest payment plans.

Can I Try Hearing Aids To See If They Are Right For Me?

Yes, whenever possible during your free hearing aid consultation, we offer demonstrations of the latest hearing aid technology. Additionally, once you purchase your new hearing aids, we offer a 30-day period where you can receive a refund or exchange for a different style.

What If A Loved One Has Hearing Loss But Won't Admit It?

Hearing loss can be hard for individuals to identify or recognize, as hearing loss doesn’t normally affect all sounds the same way.  Most hearing loss is high frequencies loss and not low.  In these cases, patients will hear noise and the start of a conversation, but have difficulty with clarity of speech, especially in background noise.  Therefore, many people may think they “hear fine, and others just mumble or don’t speak up”.  No matter what situation, a baseline hearing test is good idea for every adult to have, even if they think they have normal hearing.  Additional, when you choose Florida Eye for hearing aids, we offer no pressure, honest evaluations so your loved one can be comfortable taking the next steps to getting answers about their hearing and if hearing aids are recommended.

What Is The Best Kind Of Hearing Aid And How Are They Different?

Our Hearing Center works with all major hearing aid suppliers and offers a variety of styles, so we aren’t locked in to only one option for our patients.  Every patient has their own unique needs and wants for their hearing and hearing aids.  Our Audiologist will provide an honest recommendation based on your lifestyle, desires, and hearing needs.  We have invisible, state of the art, and rechargeable options available.  We strive to have hearing aid options that will meet every patient’s needs and desired look.

Hearing aids not only vary in style (in-the-ear, over-the-ear, etc.), but also in technology.  Technology is really the biggest difference with hearing aids across the board as they are now minicomputers, and some have better processing than others.  Many patients have seen advertisements for cheap hearing aids, and they think these are the same as the ones they can buy in a clinic from a professional.  However, often these “hearing aids” are more like personal amplifiers and they tend to amplify all sounds including background noise.  This means the hearing aid wearer will still struggle in all those social situations that prompted them to get hearing aids in the first place.  At Florida Eye Specialists, we strive to make sure we match our patients’ needs with the right technology.  We don’t want our patients overpaying for technology they don’t need, but also want them to have adequate noise reduction to help their social environments stay comfortable and most importantly clear!



TRUST – You already have an established relationship with your ophthalmologist and trust Florida Eye with your health.

CONVENIENCE – You can treat your eyes and ears in one convenient location. A free hearing screening can be performed while your are here for your eye appointment!

EXPERTISE – Our Audiologist, Dr. Alaina D. Becker is a Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology, not just a hearing aid dispenser.  She has over 10 years of experience in hearing health services and is trained to treat your hearing/ears not just sell you a hearing aid.

AFFORDABLE AND HONEST – We offer competitive, honest, no-pressure hearing aid options that are customized to meet your budget, lifestyle, and expectations so you “Love Your Hearing”!

ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED! – Unlike most hearing clinics who bundle (one cost for hearing aids and servicing) and force you to pay for options or servicing you might not need or want, we unbundle (separate cost of aids and servicing), so you can decide what hearing aid technology and servicing plan best suit your needs and budget!

BEST PRACTICES FOR FITTING HEARING AIDS – We fit all our aids with Real-Ear Measurements (REM) to verify you receive proper amplification based on your hearing test.  60% of hearing clinics do not offer this verification!

Board Certified Doctor of Audiology

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