Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking

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Corneal cross-linking is a non-invasive treatment that combines the use of UV light and riboflavin (vitamin B2) drops. This procedure is designed to strengthen and reinforce the cornea by creating new links between the collagen fibers. This technology has shown to be life changing for many patients living with Keratoconus and other Corneal Ectasias that may weaken the cornea. If cross-linking treatment is applied early, we are able to stabilize the shape of the cornea and improve visual acuity. If the symptoms of Keratoconus go untreated, then ultimately it can lead to a cornea transplant.

Avedro KXL® System

Corneal cross-linking technology has been available in Europe for over a decade. Currently in the US, the only FDA approved cross-linking platform is the Avedro KXL® System, which utilizes the Photrexa® and Photrexa® Viscous riboflavin formulations. Many insurance providers are beginning to recognize the medical necessity of this procedure. In fact, there are a large list of providers that have already implemented policies that provide coverage towards this FDA approved corneal cross-linking system.

Cross Linking

Cross-Linking Candidates

During an initial evaluation, we will measure the thickness and shape of your cornea to determine if you are a good candidate for a cross-linking procedure. We will use a corneal topographer to provide a detailed view of your corneal surface. Cross-linking works best when treating an early stage of Keratoconus. The treatment is not designed to reverse the corneal condition but prevent it from getting worse. This is an outpatient procedure that takes no more than 60-90 minutes to complete. For further inquiries, please contact our team to schedule an appointment for a cross-linking consultation.

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