"My Ptosis had gradually
gotten worse over time.
My daughter's wedding was
coming up and I knew it
was time to get it fixed.
Thank you for making my
memories so clear!"


At Florida Eye Specialists and Cataract Institute, our highly-trained and experienced physicians regularly perform eyelid surgery to correct Ptosis and improve vision.

Ptosis is the drooping of the upper eyelid, as a result of aging, a congenital defect, muscle deformity or neurological disorder.

The eyelid may droop slightly, or it may cover the entire pupil. In some cases, it can restrict and even block normal vision. Ptosis can affect one or both eyelids. It can be inherited, present at birth or occur later in life. Severe drooping can obstruct your vision as the eyelid gradually droops lower and lower, eventually covering the eye.

Benefits of Ptosis Surgery

  • Improved vision in peripheral vision
  • Better quality of life from reduction in fatigue, discomfort and eye strain
  • Improved vision where part of the eye was previously covered by the drooping upper lid
  • More normal appearance of the eyelid
  • Improved symmetry with both eyelids

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Gregory Henderson - Founder

Ptosis can occur in patients of all ages, but is most common in older patients, continuing to worsen with age. In addition to drooping of the eyelids, patients may also experience difficulty closing the eye or blinking, tearing, eye fatigue or double vision.

If a child is born with Ptosis, it is called Congenital Ptosis. Congenital Ptosis is often caused by poor development of the muscle that lifts the eyelid, called the levator muscle. This condition usually doesn’t improve on its own. With moderate to severe Congenital Ptosis, treatment is needed for normal vision development and to prevent Lazy Eye (amblyopia).

The highly-trained and experienced physicians at Florida Eye Specialists and Cataract Institute regularly perform eyelid surgery to correct Ptosis and improve vision. They will be glad to explain the details of how this vision correction surgery can help you.

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