screen time

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are working remotely on laptops and computers. But before this pandemic, according to a 2014 Nielsen report, adults averaged 11 hours of screen time per day. And of course, now people are on their screens even more since being encouraged to stay in their homes during Covid-19.

Excessive screen time negatively affects the eyes and can lead to one getting computer vision syndrome, aka myopia. This condition includes headaches, blurred vision, eye irritation, and strained, dry eyes.

When working remotely, you most likely are using the computer more to complete your remote work and possibly to shop and order online. Nevertheless, there are various things you can do to maintain good eye health while enduring these situations. The following are best practices:

  • Take more 20-minute breaks from the computer. Doing this will give your eyes some rest from straining. Try looking away from the screen, getting up and stretching for a while, or taking a break to relax.
  • Have traditional, recreational time with your family. Your kids are home during this pandemic, and they are most likely tied to their computers, smartphones, TV, and other gadgets. Thus, you can show by example to your children by removing yourself from the screen more often. This act can help to encourage them to take steps towards maintaining their eye health.
  • Utilizing refractive correction, such as a screen cover or protective goggles, will help prevent your eyes from straining or staring in the glare on the screen.
  • Do not forget to blink while staring at the screen to keep the eyes from drying.
  • Maintain at least one foot between you and the screen while sitting straight.
  • Make sure the monitor is slightly below your eyes. In fact, the top of the computer monitor should be aligned at your eye level. This action will enable you to slightly look down thus reducing the straining of your eyes.


In these precarious times, it is vital to maintain your health while being on lockdown, especially when it comes to your eyes and vision. Choosing to protect your eyes during this time of increased screen time will have an impact on your vision and will help you maintain good eye health.