Retina Specialists Now at Brandon Eye Clinic

Florida Eye Specialists and Cataract Institute has one office specifically to treat your retina problems. The physicians at our Retina Specialists office specialize in the disease and surgery of the vitreous and retina. So whether you are having trouble with a retinal detachment or a retinal tear, we can treat you.

We are Tampa Bay’s leader in complete eye care. Visit us today and see why people have trusted us with their eye care for over 30 years.

Florida Eye Specialists and Cataract Institute
Retina Specialists at Brandon Eye Clinic
Tel:(813) 685-0001
Fax: (813) 685-0008
Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm

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Note that many of our doctors practice at multiple locations at various times of the week. If you are unsure about what type of vision care you need or the timing of an appointment, call any of our locations and we’ll be glad to assist you.